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Liquid silicone (LSR) injection molding process


LSR is a two-component liquid material, divided into component A and component B. The work of the mixer fully mixes component A and component B in a precise 1:1 ratio. And because some products are colored, they are equipped with a color pump set and a color measurement part. A+B components, additives, colors, etc. are fully mixed and then enter the plasticizing system.

This plasticizing screw has the functions of homogenizing and mixing at the same time. The mixture is injected into the hot mold through the screw, and the silicone solidifies at a mold temperature of 170 to 200°C. When using a cold runner system, it is important to note that the runner must be cold enough. In order to avoid glue leakage, a needle valve is installed on the surface of the mold part. When the glue injection is completed, the needle valve immediately closes the nozzle.

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