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Injection molding processing


Injection molding processing, in addition to the PC material needs to dry, what kind of material needs to dry.

1. Polyamide (Nylon): Polyamide materials are prone to bubble formation and defects in humid environments, necessitating drying treatment before injection molding.

2. Polycarbonate (PET): PET materials tend to absorb moisture during processing, hence the need for drying to remove water content and ensure final product quality.

3. PVC: Although PVC materials have a lower processing temperature, they also require drying before injection molding to eliminate moisture, which can otherwise lead to defects.

Jvtech, a company specializing in liquid silicone and molding, understands the importance of drying certain materials before injection molding to ensure optimal product quality. Our state-of-the-art drying facilities and meticulous processing techniques ensure that materials such as polyamide, PET, and PVC are thoroughly dried, preventing any defects that could arise from moisture content. By choosing Jvtech for your injection molding needs, you can rest assured that our expertise in material handling and processing will deliver superior results.

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