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You can identify the difference between a plastic mold and an injection mold


Jvtech, a leading manufacturer of liquid silicone and molding solutions, offers insights into the distinction between plastic molds and injection molds:

1. Plastic molds are a type of low foaming, extrusion, compression, injection, and blow molding composite plastic mold. The female and male molds are composed of multiple components that form a variable cavity and core. The coordination of the mold's front and back halves, along with the auxiliary molding system, allows for the production of a variety of shapes and sizes of plastic parts.

2. Injection molds, on the other hand, are tools used to produce plastic products, ensuring structural integrity and precise dimensions. When mass producing complex plastic components, the injection molding process is employed. Specifically, the molding method involves heating the plastic material to a molten state and then injecting it into the mold cavity under high pressure using an injection molding machine. The resulting product is obtained after the material cools and solidifies.

3. The composition of an injection mold consists of two main parts: the moving mold and the fixed mold. During operation, the moving and fixed molds close to form the gating system and cavity. When the mold is opened, the two parts separate, allowing for the removal of the finished plastic part.

At Jvtech, we specialize in liquid silicone and molding technologies, providing our clients with precision and reliability in their mold manufacturing needs. Our expertise extends to both plastic and injection molds, ensuring that each project is tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. By choosing Jvtech, you are selecting a partner with a deep understanding of mold design and manufacturing, committed to delivering high-quality, durable products that meet the stringent standards of your industry.

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