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The purpose of injection mold


The purpose of injection mold testing is to ensure the mold's performance and reliability before mass production. Typically, an injection mold undergoes six stages of testing: T0, T1, T2, T3, PP, and MP. Each stage serves a distinct objective:

- T0 testing is primarily aimed at assessing the structural integrity of the injection mold.

- T1 and T2 testing focus on verifying product dimensions and evaluating the product's appearance.

- T3 testing determines the feasibility of mass production with the mold.

- PP (Pilot Production) involves a small-scale production run to refine the mold's performance.

- MP (Mass Production) is the first full-scale production run, which tests whether the injection mold meets the requirements for mass production and establishes critical management protocols for production.

The six stages of injection mold testing are interdependent and crucial for identifying and addressing issues in a timely manner. Only after all evaluations are successfully passed does the mold manufacturing phase conclude, ensuring that the mold is ready for mass production.

Jvtech, a leader in liquid silicone and molding solutions, emphasizes the importance of thorough injection mold testing to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the final product. Our expertise in mold design and manufacturing, combined with our rigorous testing procedures, ensures that our clients receive molds that meet the highest standards for production. By choosing Jvtech, you are selecting a partner committed to delivering molds that are not only aesthetically pleasing and dimensionally accurate but also ready for the demands of mass production.

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